Bridge Financing

Bridge Financing


Congratulations! You have taken an inspired idea and grown it into a successful business with multiple moving parts. Your hard work and dedication have manifested into a living, breathing company which requires an increasing amount of fuel.  Unfortunately, your business is now in one of the most difficult phases because it must obtain the proper amount of capital to continue its growth.

So why can’t your business acquire the capital it needs to continue growing? Traditional lending institutions are not in the position to make loans under a few million dollars as the underwriting process and upfront expenses do not justify the return on the investment.  As the borrower, you may also be faced with the challenges of not having enough time in business, inadequate financial reporting or your credit score may not meet the bank’s requirement.  

On the other hand, alternative lending institutions, like merchant advance funders, are often limited to advancing up to $250k. ATX Funding Strategies uses our years of industry experience and resources to leverage up to $5mm to your company.

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