How It Works

Get Bridge Financing for Your Business in Three Simple Steps

How does our bridge financing process work?

Bridge financing works in a simpler, more streamlined way than a traditional bank loan or round of fundraising. Upon receiving your financing sum, our bridge financing programs deduct a small, predetermined, fixed percentage of your daily revenue until the total amount is recovered. With no pending fixed terms for repayment, our financing process imposes minimal strain on the cash flow of your business. You remain stress-free while operating a growing business.


Apply Securely Online

Visit our contact page to speak with one of our financing strategists to start the process. It’s quick, easy and secure. We simply require four historical bank statements to begin your financing application.


Select a Funding Plan

Our financing strategist works with you to determine your exact borrowing needs. Then, we’ll design a financing program focused on your needs and desired repayment terms. Within 48 hours of approval, you will receive your bridge funding.


Receive Your Funds

Upon receiving your funds, the repayment process begins. This starts with a daily deduction of the previously agreed-upon percentage of your daily revenue. This percentage never changes, regardless of the amount of time you need to repay the amount. Once the balance is fully repaid, you will receive 100% of your daily revenue from sales.

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