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Recommendations and testimonials are a hallmark of happy customers. At ATX Funding Strategies, most of our clients and success stories are willing to act as references to businesses who are interested in learning more about the effectiveness of our services before moving forward.

The following success stories come from several different industries, but all had the historical success needed for ATXFS to syndicate funding. These clients stand as proof that the alternative funding offered by our company is an effective way to healthily grow your business.

Technology Staffing Company

Held: Private
Funding: $3.5 Million
Term: 9 months
Use of Proceeds: Acquisition

A technology staffing company was having trouble acquiring funding, despite doing north of $75mm in revenue with $5mm in EBITA. Due to a recent change in ownership, they were unable to obtain the $3.5mm USD needed to fulfill large PO’s.

We helped bring together four lenders to syndicate a subordinate funding transaction to an existing factoring line, which allowed the staffing company to fill their PO’s.

Insurance Carrier

Held: Private
Funding: $2.5 Million
Term: 10 months
Use of Proceeds: Working capital and expansion to service Fortune 50 client which expected $20 million in new growth.

An insurance carrier was unable to prepare financial fast enough to keep up with hyper growth. Traditional lenders backed away, but the company didn’t want to miss out on a pivotal opportunity.

We helped bring together three lenders to syndicate a bridge to a senior secured lender set to fund 90 days after our transaction.

Motivational Brand Marketing Company

Held: Private
Funding: $2 Milllion
Term: 8 months
Use of Proceeds: Marketing campaign to draw in new clients.

Lenders had a hard time understanding the business model of this motivational brand marketing company. Meeting face-to-face with the client helped us feel comfortable and realize a very mutually beneficial relationship.

ATX Funding Services brought together three lenders to syndicate a working capital line for the business.

Tattoo Ink Manufacturer

Held: Private
Funding: $1 Milllion
Term: 7 months
Use of Proceeds: Open a flagship store in SOHO NYC.

A recent split with business partner left the merchant with a poor credit score, unable to procure financing.

Defense Contractor

Held: Public
Funding: $350k USD
Term: 9 months
Use of Proceeds: Working capital bridge in between an upcoming merger.

Many lenders didn’t understand how to work with public entities. We facilitated a funding deal that gave them the capital they needed for the impending merger.

Oil Exploration and Drilling

Held: Private
Funding: 1.25mm USD
Term: 12 months
Use of Proceeds: Rework seismic data to dramatically increase success rates.

Merchant only has one significant deposit per month, and this made it difficult to obtain funding from traditional lenders.

We syndicated a line of working capital that helped enhance their seismic data and improve their success rates.

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